Change Your Target

Do not think about the world. Do not think about billions of people. Do not think about millions of people. Do not think about thousands of people. Do not think about a hundred people.

Think about ten.

Ten turns into a hundred. A hundred turns into a thousand. A thousand can turn into a million. A million can turn into a hundred million. But don’t think about a hundred. Don’t think about a thousand. Don’t think about a hundred thousand. Don’t think about a million. Don’t think about billions.

It really isn’t worth your creative process to think about more than ten people. Ten people is a sane amount to think about. Ten people can represent millions, shit, billions. Ten people with similar taste, similar humor, similar interests. Ten people sitting in a room, finding common ground. Ten people who work together and go through the same problems. Ten people who love the same movie. Ten people who have kids the same age. Ten people who love going dancing. Ten people who read mysteries. Ten people who live in the same town and have the same consumer interest, like eating at the local diner. Ten people are various enough to have differing opinions about a lot of things and the same about a few.

Growing up poor, I have a lot of experiences that feel unique to me. But there is a camaraderie that comes along with it. My experience was my own, but others had similar experiences and it doesn’t matter what race or gender my poor friends had gone through, we had common experiences. Different brags on making life work. But we connected and laughed at our misfortune that (we hate to cherish) We all had our Bundy moments. I am sure there are experiences that you can connect to other people with. I am sure there are ten people who would be like, been there, done that, and wish I didn’t do that.

The hardest part of being creative in today’s world is we can see the numbers. We can see how many likes, fans, followers, and comments people get and some are mind blowing. But the simple fact is those numbers can be channeled into ten people. Your creative work in your mind could be manipulated into only thinking about ten people, shit, five people, okay, one person. Your creative output only needs you to like it. It only needs you to love it. The reason is if you make something you like and you can connect to ten people who like it, you are the standard if the work you do is good. You are the consumer and you know in your heart if you made something of quality.

So change the target form the whole world to loving your shit, to you and ten people.

Anyway, I gotta go.

Later Gator,


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