F’N Reality

Reality… It is probably the harshest information we bump into when it comes to setting goals. What makes it so bad is we do not perceive it to be as bad as it is. We imagine as we plan that things will work in our favor and we are capable of doing anything. Fucking reality. The truth is, some of us just draw the short end of the stick when it comes to life. On top of that we do not see our ability or situation for what it really is. With that false information we set unrealistic goals. I know some of us believe in “be a good person and good things will happen” but that is bullshit. Bad things just fucking happen and we don’t plan for it. That is what we call reality, the bad shit.

I believe a positive attitude and thinking will produce better results than a negative or realist one will. That does not mean that bad things will not happen. It doesn’t mean that everything will work out the way we want. What it means is we have the ability to do something positive with the feedback we receive from reality. In life sometimes bad things happen to good people and there is no positive outcome. But some of us, make a positive decision based on the catastrophic event, turning it around. This kind of person has the fortitude to make something positive happen. Most people on the other hand do not. They fall into a dark hole and believe it to be their new home. There are also those whom the world and the people in it plot to do harm and they close their eyes and let it happen. They wish upon a star and pray- but they do nothing to resolve the situation themselves. The do not believe they have the power to make the change themselves. The major difference is having a positive attitude puts us in the driver’s seat. It is an attitude of “what is the next best possible thing I could do to make this situation better?” and then believing we can make a change in the world, we can take action.

When we make plans, set goals, and put in the work not everything is going to work out. Our attitude about our situation is the only thing we can count on. Our attitude is the fuel for any kind of will power we have. If we have a determined “find a way” attitude, we can rise above the obstacles and make shit happen. We can fall in a dark hole and instead of camping we start to climb. We can have our best revenge through our success. We can enjoy the challenge that life has to offer, instead of seeing all roadblocks as a sign telling us to give up. The reality is bad things are going to happen to us and they might become setbacks to our grand plans. That doesn’t mean we should quit, what is means is we are going to have to deal with it and keep moving forward. We have to keep our heads up and look for the positive and believe in ourselves.

I gotta go.

Later Gator,


*Here is the thing I hate about writing positive posts like this. In my head the most negative situations come up: Murder, rape, child molestation, genocide, bombings, terrorist attacks, being locked in a basement as a sex-slave, spouse abuse and being forced into a relationship under threat of death, racism, racial prejudice and blind hate that attacks a person for no reason besides the color of their skin, political and governing bodies oppressing people and attacking those who would speak out, getting into an accident that leaves on mentally incapable of a self sustaining life. Shit like that goes through my head. But the reality is most people do not have those problems. They are in their own way. Their attitude is what stops them, their feelings about a situation stops them, their own mind is their enemy; they have the power to change that. We have the power to live a positive life. We might not do it all the time, but we do have the power to change, and all it takes is daily work on our attitude.

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