Creativity is Human

Creativity isn’t for a select few. It seems that way, but it isn’t. It is a human skill that for the most part all of us have. It is a different form of logic. It is a way the human mind reasons. It is how we have progressed this far.

I know there are people who claim to not be creative. That is a crazy notion to me. We all are creative, the problem is most of us are subjected to extremely talented people who are creative and we think the two are synonymous. A lot of the time we are lead to believe you must be highly skilled in order to be creative. Those are the examples that are set before us. But the truth is there are people who are highly creative and they must use other people skills to execute on their vision. A playwright doesn’t have to act, she just has to get people who can to preform her story. This doesn’t mean she is not creative. Like most of us she has a focused creative bent that suits humanities need in an auxiliary way.

But there is creativity in every human endeavor. The tragedy is we don’t recognize it. We don’t see it in farming, but it is there. We don’t see it in teaching, but it is there. We don’t see it in leadership, but it is there. We don’t see it in parenting, but it is there. Creativity is how we live, it is what moves us beyond instinct and survival, we literally recreated our environments to suit our needs. Being creative is something we are all capable and can only expand with use.

What most people miss is they can have a creative life. They can do things, experiment, and try with their very lives. You do not have to regulate being creative to work. You can do things that might seem odd to others but for you it fills the mosaic of your life experience. You travel, learn a new language, jump into opportunities, meet new people, learn a complimentary trade, change directions. Sometimes you start over, but in the end you figure out what life would be like if you did things you liked or did something hard that you wanted to accomplish. A creative life isn’t a traditional life based on survival. It is based on expansion. It is seeing what more we could do with this one and only life.

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