Your Influence

A drop of water is generally insignificant. It makes a small wake in the water if any. It moves very little. But poison about the same amount in the human blood stream. Forget about it, we are dead.

You have a choice to be like everyone else to go with the flow to look the same, do the same, and just add to the boy of water that already exists. Or you can be the poison. You could potentially bring the whole system down. That to me is the power of art.

I would be an asshole if I didn’t mention how small amounts of antibiotics can cure, can help to heal, can bring to health a body. Art does that too over time.

Life and death of a people an their prolong exposure to an artist to art can be fatal as well as life giving.

Just a parting thought for the night.

Later Gator,


Published by Nino

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