Choosing To Do Hard Things

Life is full of choices.

It seems like there are only two choices, struggle A vs struggle B.

Truth be told it isn’t.

Life doesn’t offer us only two choices, we are limited by our own perspectives and in that we give ourselves two choices. In reality we have multiple options; some are just so bad they are not options. Some options on the other hand, are so out of the box that it doesn’t seem like a choice. We are limited by our perspectives. If we were to see our situation with a higher perspective, we would see more options.

With that being said, there’s a lot of things people say like, “if I lived back then, it would have been so easy” or “if we had the technology that you have today, things would have been so easy.” The truth is the hindsight is always more optimistic than the reality. The more technologically advanced we become, the easier things are and the more people act on the lower barriers to entry in almost any field. Skilled or not skilled the competition is abundant in industries that are fun and profitable. Which means things are easier today to do, but the amount of people doing those things is higher than ever before. Which means you have to be better than what was once expected. When we talk about how things would have been so easy what we miss is the work is the work. If you are not willing to do the work or take a risk it doesn’t matter how easy something seems in hindsight.

I want to be honest with you, life is hard, but for most of us it is harder in our heads than it is in reality. We create obstacles and barriers that are not there. We assume prejudice and expectations that might not exist. We get consumed with self doubt and insecurities that blind us to what we are actually capable of. We make believe others will look down on us and that is because we do not see or respect our own value. Having a negative bias will always make life hard. It doesn’t matter if it is going well, if we are waiting for things to fall apart, we have missed two opportunities: The first a moment of not having to stress, because things are okay. The second a chance to get ahead, instead of waiting for things to break, reinforce the good things in your life and prepare to advance.

Hard things in life will always be hard. We will see them in the moment as hard. We will experience them as hard. But it is easier to do them now than it ever has been.

Writing a novel is easier now. From the typewriter to the computer, it is way easier- and yet still fucking hard.

Making a movie. It can be done with a smartphone camera. The price barrier is gone, making a movie is still hard.

Painting. Digital painting isn’t going to poison you or ruin your clothes, you don’t have to worry about space, and it looks amazing, still fucking hard to do.

Getting famous. Shit, the barrier is torn down like caution tape at an open rock concert. You just have to be good enough and connect with people to get there, still fucking hard and not meant for everyone.

That short list has nothing to do with the quality of what is made, but the ability to execute on a goal.

There is a saying I had forgotten about, and I wish I hadn’t, it is, “Do hard things have an easy life, do way things have a hard life.” I don’t remember who said it, but it rings true. When my kids were little school work was hard for them, we told them, “Do this hard work and it will get easier.” It did because they got better, the work was indifferent to them. Their skill improved and for them the work got easier.

Don’t look back and imagine things were easier, don’t look at what you want to do as too hard, look forward to how good you will become if you take on the challenge.

Later Gator


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