Dedication to Getting Good

Most people are good at accepting their limitations. Really, they have been conditioned to give up from childhood on. Now, we are not conditioned to give up on everything. We are pushed to be okay at things everyone is just okay at. If something is hard though, if it is continually hard. They give up and those around them who have seen the effort, acknowledge the effort, and say, “At least you tried.” And with that you are given permission to quit. The reality is that some things are really fucking hard. Some things take years to get just okay at. Some things take a lot of time and the only reward is doing what no one else can. But you do not naturally get good at it when you start.

Some things are just hard to do. World records are set because people have pushed the bar and worked for it. They dedicated themselves to becoming not just good, but great at what they were trying to do.

Before you decide you are not good at something take a look at the dedication needed and realize a year is a very short time compared to ten years. Some things take ten years to master. Be patient and keep working.

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