Art is Not a Career Field

I know in general, we consider art as an industry, as a career choice, as a way to make money. But the truth is Art isn’t a way to make money, it is a way of being human.

We use art as a way to express to each other what we care about, what we experienced, what we think and feel. It is a primal and sophisticated way of communicating. It becomes a signal to others and we build small temporary tribes around art. The music we listen to, the books we read, the movies we like, and the art we hold on to all say something about us. That something signals others and says we share a common understanding, a common feeling, a common experience.

For the artist, making art is a compulsion. There is something inside of us that is drawn to making- to creating- to doing something and we don’t need to get paid to do it. We don’t need to sell for it to be worth doing. We don’t start out thinking about the business of art. We don’t look at it like a widget that we need to find a market for. No, we start out with a desire to create. To express in a medium that is enjoyable to use. We put our ideas and thoughts down in such a way that it is ours, and yet to be shared. We would do this with no compensation. We are artists and that is what we do.

Art in the wider world is extremely valuable and abundant. Because of that it is for some people a career field, it is a way for them to try to do something they like for a living. But for the artist it isn’t a choice to be, it is something we are. We do it because our souls make us do it, it is our very nature. It isn’t a choice amongst many, it is who we are and it can be a hindrance to doing anything else. We are always distracted by wanting to create.

I gotta go.

Later Gator.


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