A Better Way To Be Yourself

Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

~ Dolly Parton.

It isn’t easy to embrace who we are when we do not see people like us succeed. We look at successful people and their attributes do not match our own. We look at them and when we look in the mirror, physically and mentally, we fall short. We are too shy, short, tall, loud, dumb, uncreative, lack discipline, have too much money, too little money, no life experiences or detrimental life experiences, we are ugly, or too good looking, we are weird or not weird enough. When we look at successful people we are not looking in the mirror.

Representation is important. It helps us to get a mental image of what it could be like for us to succeed. That is why there is a need for minorities to be seen in movies, books, plays, on stage, and succeeding in the world. We need heroes. Most of the time a minority character is a villain or comic relief. Their hopes and dreams are less than the main character, their lives are just a prop in the heroes story. This is not how real life works but it is how minorities get treated. We become seen as less than and as not worthy of success. We are not seen as the main character of our own struggles and triumphs. We all have a character arch, we are all the main character in our stories. It is important to see that in each other. It is important to see that we each have goals dreams and ambitions. It is important to realize humanity is driven by our own unique story and we play a part in each other’s lives. This shared human experience should unit us and bring us into cooperation together, but to be human is to have enemies, even if it turns our to be our own family.

May be like me you have come to the harsh realization that you are short. Fuck it hurts. My ego gave me a couple of inches. Oh, well. But in that we must move beyond the incontrollable parts of our avatar such as looks. Yes, they are a part of us and our experience but they are not the sole determiner of who we are and what we are capable of. That good shit on the inside, that is the thing that matters most. Being an asshole doesn’t count. If you are an asshole it is because you think you are better than other people and believe you can treat them like shit; stop that. The corky, fun, imaginative you, the person who geeks out over your favorite food, ice cream, or band, the person how loves the none action anime, the person who plays golf, and the person who feels like nobody cares about them, that person needs to come out and play. That person needs to be seen and I get it, we live in a world were people are assholes, but they shouldn’t have power over you. If you want to paint rocks in your free time, bitch, paint some rocks. Don’t hold back because john, who sits in a boat for hours waiting to catch a fish will talk shit. Fuck John, his hobby is not impressive. It is what he does for fun and it gives him no right to judge what you do for fun. Unless you are hurting someone else, don’t do that. I have to wrap this up. I have to cook dinner.

The above quote, is the most truest statement I have heard and it has been ringing in my head all week. There are a couple of reasons for it. The first is there is a value in you being who you are. You do not need to be someone else. You are worthy of success, happiness, and friendship, you are a life worth living to its fullest. The second is embracing yourself means you are free from other people’s constraints on what success is and what your life should be like. If you are small you get to be the image of success in that way. If you are shy, you get o figure out what a shy happy life means for you, if you are fierce, you can go out and figure that out. Nobody has the right, to tell you what it means to look like and be you. They might have expectations, but that is their problem. You do not have to conform.

I gotta go.

Later Gator,


P. S.

I probably should have edited this, but I’m on vacation and have been indulging in day drinking. So, if their is nay typos, weird rants, missing sentences that I wrote in my head, I apologies.

I will write to you again soon.

Oh, and the title was just an after thought, I hope it fits.

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