What Do You Want?

Do you want to make music?

Do YOU want to dance?

Do you want to write?

Do you want to paint?

What do You Want to do?

Really, after you decide what you want to do it becomes easier do decide what you want. You get to use things, you are no longer used by things. You get to use ideas, you are not the slave to ideas. You are in charge because creativity is based on what you want. What you want to do is the biggest decision you have to make and for most of us it is the one we don’t. We don’t decided to make anything. The worst fucking thing happens, we say to no one in particular, “What should I make?” This self asking, does the worst fucking thing, it tells us we are to ask someone what we should do. The truth is we need to figure out what turns us on, what lights our fire, what makes us want to make- then do that. We need to stop thinking and start doing. In the doing in the making we become confident, we become the artist we want to be- even if we are just novices. Now, make something.

Published by Nino

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