Don’t Kill Your Soul

So, being you is one of the craziest things you can do. The world is full of systems of thoughts and social structures design to make sure you don’t. Leaders of societies benefit when the society is homogeneous. Everyone is playing the same game by the same rules for the same prizes; that makes them easy to control and guide. They hate when you have a voice, especially one that doesn’t fit the mold.

The truth is none of us are the same and homogeneous cultures are a fabrication of forced social standards. We are unique and bring our skills, talents, and ideas to the table mixed with our personality. That means we are not all playing the same game. In fact the more creative we get the less we care about the game the group is playing and the more focused we get on our own creative endeavors. Doing this puts us out of bounds in the social structure of control. It is the very reason you cannot really teach creativity in school. Schools are the very opposite of creativity. You have one person in charge with all the answers and all you have to do is memories them and do what you are told in order to succeed.

Creativity is a problem-solving beast. Not because it is able to memorize answers. No, it is because it creates new solutions to old answers and sometimes brings attention to the fact that the old answers were wrong. It doesn’t look for leadership, at best it looks for guidance. Being creative isn’t for a select few, it is a part of everyone, it is very human, Being creative is forced out of most of us through social pressures to conform. It is done through the punishments for standing out and the rewards for not only fitting in but being at the front of the line.

It is up to you, to embrace you, your creative side and all. It is up to you to say I want something different. It is up to you to build a life you think is livable. You do not have to conform to the world.

To be fair, not all social constructs are bad. Not all social pressures are evil, some are truly good and help foster the individual. Being in a tribe, being in a society makes being an individual possible, but to do so it does take bravery to stand up and say this is me.

I gotta go,

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