The Compulsion to Write

Ordinary people do not like to write. It is true, putting ideas to words. Sorting those words into sentences that make sense. Making those sentences make sense with the other shit you want to say. Doing so, so that the entire paragraph makes sense. Doing that doesn’t appeal to an ordinary person.

Don’t try to be ordinary. If you feel the need to write, be it fiction or non-fiction, then write. Don’t act like it is a waste of your time. Do it first for you. If it is good a second compulsion will come over you. The need to share. It sucks, no matter how insecure you are, it will happen. You will find at least one person and aske them to read it.

Writing is our soul, our being, our human nature wanting to connect, to bond, to be known, and to create. Mixed that with the life of our writing has by virtue of being created. The writing is a seed on a page be it digital or analog and it wants to grow and flourish in other human imaginations.

Go ahead and plant it.

Do it.


Then share it.

Later Gator.


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