Writing From Your Core

There is a lot of writing advice out there. I am bout to add to that shit.

Two things really quick:

First, you and I are not going to be the next thing. Sorry, the next thing doesn’t exist. Normal people don’t read blogs or books, it is too much work. On top of that I only know a handful of people who read. Like they read for fun. I am willing to bet you are the same. Now, is that an obstacle and why I say you are not going to be the next big thing? NO, it is a reality that doesn’t matter. The next big thing doesn’t exist because the world is full of people who have different tastes and interests. the world is so diverse that you could be amazing and still live in obscurity. The next big thing had a long slow death with the rise social media. So do not try to be the next big thing. Do not write as if you are going to be read by everyone. Forget the audience of everyone for a moment and write what you give a shit about.

That brings me to the second thing. Write from who you are as a person. You do not speak like everyone else. Words and phrases have a slightly different meaning for you. Use them. If you have a big vocabulary use it, if you speak in slang do it, if you have the bilingual shit down, use it. Just write like you would if you wanted the words to convey not only meaning but a bit of who you are as well. Write and realize that the reader isn’t going to hear your voice in their head. (unless it is like an audiobook.) They will only hear your thoughts. They know what they think, they know their perspective, the only reason they read your shit is because they want to know what you think. Even if it is fiction. It is your thoughts playing out in life like scenarios. Fiction is problem solving through story and it is something us humans love.

Now, if no one ever reads your shit. If they disregard you, the primary benefit you will get from writing is knowing you think for yourself. Unless you just parrot what others have said. If you are just writing on regurgitated information the truth is you and I know when a writer does that and we skip it.

I gotta go, I hope you have a great week.

Later Gator,


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