Your Job and It’s Impact on Your Goals

The work we do will have the biggest impact on our lives. It will determine our social circles, our economic impact, our freedoms, and how we set goals.

We don’t think about this when we are starting. We just hope we will get hired. We hope that someone will see value in us and give us a chance. WE know we are an unknown and all we need is a chance to prove ourselves and work. What we don’t see is their side. We don’t think about why the employer is filling the position. We don’t think about what they need or want. We don’t understand what life is like in the company and how much of an impact that is going to have on us if we get hired. If the culture is entrepreneurial, family orientated, or a grind, it will impact your energy and ability to think long term. Their expectations may be for you to work for only two years, some for five, and others your entire life. Simply put you could land a job and get stuck working there for years. Your purpose or desire becomes subject to that of the employer.

Sounds crazy, but outside influences on our personal goals and dreams are real. Where we spend most of our time and who we spend time with will have an unconscious impact on our thinking. Bummer but true. We can become a flower rising out of the soil in a flower garden or just another weed taking what we can. Talk about your dreams of doing something like running a marathon with someone who is in a committed relationship with their couch and they will act like you are crazy. Talk about doing a marathon with someone who does ultramarathons and you will get encouragement. The subtle effect this has on your thinking goes a long way. The same is true for working goals. Someone who is committed to doing the bare minimum until they can retire isn’t going to push you to be your best and do work you love.

Know your goals and know what you want. If you are all about the success of your family do not put your career or money ahead of it. If you are about your career, your family is going to have to pay for your success. If you want a balance between the two, then you will have to protect each and you will have to set your expectations accordingly.
Alright, I think you might be saying so what?
Here’s why this matters:
You have a choice on what you are going to do. You do not have to do uninspiring work. You do not have to fall in line with your co-workers and their ambitions. You do not have to stay at a job you do not like. You can work on your skills and level up and out of any company you want. You have every right to do better than those who choose not to. You are worthy of being around people with the same ambition as you. You do not need to be on their level to start.
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