Don’t Make Excuses

The point of fucking up isn’t to be the same as everyone else. No, it is to say I don’t give two shits about the world’s standards. I am proud to be myself- flaws and all.

There is a difference between a reason and an excuse. The reason the man cheated on his wife was, he wasn’t committed to her when she was away. The excuse he gives is everything else that makes him look better after the fact. The reason we get fat is the overconsumption of food- our bodies don’t care about our thoughts on the subject they are just doing their job. Our excuse is everything we give as a reason as to why we ate more calories than we burned. But it is not the real reason.

We are coming to the end of the first third of the year. Whatever excuse you have for quitting on your goal isn’t worth having. The reason is we can fix reasons, we cannot fix excuses.

Do the hard work, find the reasons, kill the excuses, and do yourself the favor- live like you don’t give a fuck and go after what truly matters to you.

Later Gator,


Published by Nino

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