Monday Meditation on Adult Awareness

The difference between adults and children is the level of awareness.

Arrogance leads us to believe that adults are more aware than children. Oh, the bullshit we believe to feel superior. By late childhood we already assume we know what is in the world and what is going to happen. Ten years of being here is enough to say “I have seen some shit.” The human consciousness goes down hill from there and the ego is on a hot air balloon talking shit. We run on autopilot 80% of the time.

A child doesn’t know shit!

They are constantly aware. They are learning, watching, and unfortunately making wrong assumption about how life works. But the point remains they are walking awareness. If they knew how to detach themselves from what is going on they would be the zenest fucking thing to walk the planet. They are beginners mind. They see funny reality and giggle. They watch adults with curiosity and then emulate. They are fascinated with their bodies. They look in the mirror and without judgment love and play with their own faces. they enjoy the sand between their toes. They delight in the clouds and enjoy good food.

We can’t go all the way back to not knowing anything but we can shut up. We can become awareness. We can just experience life as it is. We can detach and let it be. We can just watch ourselves and each other. We can observe the world and just be grateful to be here and experience this life as is.

Oh, and I wrote this from my phone. Sorry for any mistakes.

Later Gator


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