The World Isn’t Against You

The world in general doesn’t give two shits about you. Sorry I hate to start off this way but it matters. There are billions of people on the planet and god knows how many other life forms. The planet itself seems it would be better off if it could shake humans off of it altogether. You are not the center of the universe- and that is okay- we just had to start with a little don’t get full of yourself acknowledgement.

With that said let’s imagine something different. Let’s imagine a world that is out to do you good once you commit to being your best self. Let’s imagine for you to become that person you actually have to go through shit and be tested. Your patients groomed, your attitude built, your mindset locked in through the hard times. That is how we grow after all.

You see in a world that is out to do you good, a world that is out to make you your best, that world knows you need to grow through adversity. That cosmic woo-woo world is challenging your commitment. Because for us to become our best we have to make two decisions. Who we are going to be and what is the desire in our heart. (I am assuming you are a good person and would not want to hurt anyone. If you are a bad person, stop. Just stop, you aren’t doing anyone good, and ruining your own life, and building up really bad karma.) Now the desire in your heart will most likely come with obstacles. If it didn’t you would already have it. That is your journey, it will require you to do new things to accomplish it. Shit will happen to test your commitment. When it does rise to the challenge, the world will always ask how bad do you want it? Your life is your response.

You see when bad things happen, if you think about it, it isn’t because the world is against you. It might be the world pushing you to be your best.

Now imagine this.

You think the desire in your heart is to go after a high paying career. But the world knows you want it out of envy and the job you want isn’t right for you. You pursue it anyway. Shit happens, nothing seems to work out, but you persist and once you get that job, it is well, meh. But you traded your life for it. You gave up on everything else to have it. You won the prize and yet lost the race of life. Some times we commit to things and life isn’t saying “how bad do you want it,” but “hey, this isn’t something that is for you, don’t go after this, I am warning you, Okay, fine, have it, but it will cost more than it is worth.” Greed and selfishness do not come from a desire from our hearts but from a place of fear and insecurity. The simplest test between the desire of your heart and a selfish motive is who else benefits if you succeed? The world is about giving life- your dream being part of the world’s desire for you would give life to everything around it too.

Alright, I think this is a good place to say:

Later Gator,


Post Script:

The world will try to get you to live by doing something to put you out of your comfort-zone, it won’t give up on you so easily. Unfortunately, pain is a great motivator.

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