Fitness Isn’t a Hobby It Is a Lifestyle

Hobbies consume a moment of time. They do not occupy and make demands on real life situations. They are things you would like to do. *Dedicating yourself to get six-pack abs is a huge goal and destroys your option to eat whatever, especially if you are over thirty.

Committing to a fitness lifestyle isn’t about fad dieting. It isn’t about being a gym-rat. It isn’t about what others think of you. It is about you being the best you can be with what you are given. It is about doing what you can in the unnatural environment you are given. Your body was made with the purpose of long distance tracking and hunting, your ancestors warred against others and commanded their bodies to be in fighting shape all the time, your great-great-great-great-great- old grandma was a farmer carrying some heavy shit making you look like a pussy. They used their bodies like a hammer against the nail of life, sun up to sun set. (This might be bullshit, but it makes you think, if granny can do it so can I.)

Our brains are wired against us. There is a little part of us that is always in survival mod. That part of our brain, thinks we should save our calories for a rainy day. It is like the calorie counter of shit I don’t want to do. This little voice is the one that will give an automatic response before you think about it. This voice also looks at a book and says, “naw, that is a lot of work and we already consume 25% of our energy we don’t need to get any higher with that. Let’s skip the book.” To be fair. It isn’t the only voice in your head making choices but that little fucker can beat the rest if given the chance.

If we paired that little voice with the one in your tummy, we would find they work together to really make you F.A.T. (Flabby And Thick.) they believe storing excess carbohydrates will be useful for survival later during a zombie up rising, but do not take into account being able to out run the zombies is also necessary. Your body is more willing to wait out your enemy in a barricade than actually go out and risk it for a biscuit. There is a trojan horse that is also let into most peoples diets, sugar- AKA carbs- that for some reason over ride our sense of being full and get us going back for more food until we feel that shit at our esophagus shouting, “Hey, I was ten bites passed one bit too much.” Now our food is measured in calories, which is tricky. Some calories burn slower, and some burn fast. Some are so low they actually take more calories to burn than they give. Calories are energy. Think about them like that and your brain will understand why we count them. (Back to trying not to get lynched for fat shaming) Now carbs if not used get turned into fat. I am not really sure what the body does with fat and proteins besides uses it to repair and refresh. A pound of fat is mythically about 3500 calories. and takes up a lot of space. The problem is it takes a lot for your body to actually tap into those fat storages. Bullshit right. (This is a long paragraph, sorry.) What it takes to get to the fat you ask is to live like a college student. You have to eat the bare minimum to make a withdrawal, and then that Scrooge McDuck fucker won’t give you much. So we have to go into the vault and *rob that bitch of what we can daily. After time we will eventually, get the calorie storage down to a reasonable size. One that would keep us a live during a Zombie uprising or being forced to wait a few days until help arrives.

With all of that in mind- fitness isn’t a hobby. It isn’t something you do once in a while. It is part of how you live. Fitness to me is simply keeping your body in a healthy and active condition daily so that you can do the things your physically want to do. It is about pleasure. It is about earning something that is yours alone. It is about looking in the mirror and saying I might not have a good face, but damn it my body is sexy! Put a helmet on me and I would be the spartan of your dreams. Really though. We live in a world were it is up to us to do things to move our bodies. We don’t have to explain our crazy health attitudes to no one, we know, to be your best is to be better than yesterday.

Well, I got go run at least six miles now. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Later Gator,


* See a dietician, physician, health professional. I am just a writer, not a professional anything.

* If you want to rob your calorie bank, exercise so that you are breathing heavy. Fat doesn’t turn into only sweat, it turns into carbon dioxide and is also breathed out. Getting yourself to that point will take beyond the calorie deficit and help you lose weight faster. Also, if you are trying to lose weight go slow. There is no race. Make it a life style with an evolving plan.

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