What The Flip

April *first BABY!!! Now I know what you are thinking, ‘what the flip is goin on here?’ Well, I will tell you. Today is a great day to break your diet. On top of that it is also an amazing day to give up on your dreams. Today is the kind of day you don’t want a restart, naw, you just quit playing. Because today- right now is the moment I tell you to fucking walk away.

That is right- dreams, goals, ambitions, better life, shit getting better, accomplishments; waste of time. For real- not worth it. Instead of all that, make enough money to by at least a cheap bottle of wine a day and do that, become a wino. Make wino friends, do wino things, walk up in the streets, go on drunken adventures, talk to strangers, go down the rabbit hole of how bad could this get and never see the light of day again.


You could start fresh with a new month to fucking kill it. You could go big on your dreams, set an action plan, start the sketch to a three week painting you have been putting off. Actually enroll in an online class to get out of your dead end job. Talk to that person that has been on your mind. Take an old dream and breath new life into it. It is April first, WE ARE IN SPRING- COME TO LIFE WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD. Do something that makes you feel alive.

Alright. I am out.

Later Gator,


*It is April first; April fools day, don’t be fucking crazy the first two paragraphs are just a joke. Now go out there and kill it.

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