Freedom Is From The Inside Out

I just want you to know that you don’t have to think the same way everyone else does.

It is true.

School, major religions, and conservatism would have you believe there is a right way to think and feel about everything.

Their stance is bullshit oversimplification, based on old authorities.

It assumes we are all the same, with the same capabilities and denies our personalities and their sway on our life and what we can make of it. I do believe we are limited by our brains ability to solve problems and to get along with others. The more we learn about others cognitive abilities and the sway biochemistry has on our lives the less rational it is to judge others under arbitrary standards- even if they are old and considered sacred.

With that- The freedom it will take for you to be yourself relies on you getting past society’s mental barriers. The hope is once you accept yourself, your flaws, your inabilities; you gain the ability to accept others flaws and all. Which should make you less of an asshole and a more loving person. It doesn’t have to it is just a hope.

Society is like a jail cell. The freedom to be yourself comes from throwing off the shackles of someone else’s expectations of you. To open the door is to have enough courage to step out and be yourself in front of others. To walk out of it all together is to boldly enough say- FUCK IT THIS IS ME.

It will go two maybe three ways for you, people will be apathetic to you, people will hate you, and people will love you. None of that matters, what matters is the soul that is moving this beast of a human being called you and consuming as much of life as you can like you are Godzilla. Really though, moving into the freedom of being yourself takes *the courage to be disliked.

Alright, I gotta go.

Later Gator,


*The Courage to Be Disliked is a book, I liked the ideas, did not like the format, worth the read though.

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