Becoming World Class at Anything In Life

What if the best thing you are good at doesn’t mean you are the best in the world at it? What if you are just good enough? What if you arent’ even good enough to make a living at doing what you love, because your work is subpar?


I know we have to make money, we have to live we have to do things to support ourselves. But we are talking about living! I know it seems like we are talking about work, but work is a part of our lives, we do not live to work, we work to live.

Let’s think about it like this if you like to hike should you stop hiking because you are smaller, slower, or weaker than other hikers? NO.

How about this- if you are ugly, out of shape, dumb, or irresponsible does that mean you are unworthy of a romantic relationship with someone else? NO, again.

Doing what we enjoy, what we love, what makes us come alive has nothing to do with money, unless we need to work to make it happen.

Doing what you are good at is pleasure enough.

Please, do not take it to heart if you suck and quit.

Life is short, you will die, and you might miss what make you come alive because you tied yourself worth to something that isn’t meant to make you feel better about yourself, but make you feel alive in the moment.

Later Gator,





When I was coaching Soccer for my sons, I would let the kids pick teams. Someone always sucked and someone was always last picked.

Here is the thing, just because you are last picked doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the game. Think about it like this would you rather watch other people play or be on the field playing? Life is like that.

OH, and the title was written for those who need to look in the mirror and stop making money the sole measuring stick in life. Sorry, for click-baiting you.

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