Why The Swears?

The last place a person needs to include swearing is in writing. Really, it is easy to write in the first draft just to get it out of your system and then go in and clarify the emotional point or remove it altogether. No big deal. You sound smart, educated, well-spoken, and like you are full of shit. Not really, someone would believe you are a “good boy.”

Here is the reason I swear:

I swear all the time in real life, “F’ this, F’ that, F’this and that.” Which is no big deal to me. The reason is it is how I think. When I talk to myself- we swear- Me, Myself, and I; Mind-Body-Soul. Now if you were to meet me I wouldn’t swear at first, but if you really wanted to know me you would learn right quick, I swear.

I Swear on the blog because I swear in real life. I am not here to pretend or impress- I am here to express. In doing so swears for me are expressive multi-layered words, that is why I am okay with using them.

What about those people who would be offended? I have no need to be for everyone. I write generally positive posts with some blue language. What this will do for me is keep out the riff-raff who want to censor my harmless expression. Those who would mutilate what I would say so it plays nice in their world, but does not fit in mine. Others may have an influence on my ideas- but unless I want- they have no say in the genuine expression I give- which is swears for me.

With that being said. I hope you have a kick-ass day.

Later Gator,


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