Service With a Smile (Read This Post)

The simple reality of life is those who willingly serve others are better for it.

Personally, I think of life in more expressionistic terms; I don’t like to think of humans and other life forms as tools or a means, but we all are. We play a role in the life of the planet. We are part of an ecosystem, we- humans- act like a parasite and unnatural catastrophes, which is a shame. That is not the point of this post. The point is your life is best used to be of service to someone else.

It sounds like a shitty deal, but it isn’t. You have gifts, talents, abilities, and skills that are best at use for someone else. Even art and entertainment play a role in the service of someone else. We create things to be consumed and to inspire others. We create things and build a connection to others who enjoy those things. We work hard to produce food for others to live and enjoy. Someone stands in the hot sun helping to repair roads for others to drive on. We create street festivals so the community can come together and enjoy being out with others. We create online gaming, so we can connect across long distances. Humanity puts in a lot of work so we can enjoy our lives and each other. We do a lot that serves the whole. We do things for each other that strengthens nodes. Each node in the human network that is stronger the more we are all stronger.

To end:

Nobody fucking cares what type of service you provide as long as you are good at it.

Be an actor, be a doctor, be a teacher, be a plumber, be a writer, be an online influencer, be whatever the fuck you want to be. But remember if someone doesn’t like your shit, it is simply because you are doing a bad job and you have the ability to either get better or do something different. You are free to choose how you will serve others. Just make sure you enjoy doing the service you provide. Someone else will always fill in the gap so don’t feel obligated to do it because you don’t see someone else wanting to do it.

Later Gator,



Calling: Mother-fucking calling. If there is something upsetting you and you have to do something about it that is a calling. You might not love it but a passionate discontent could be the fuel your fire needs for you to come alive. (please, keep that kind of shit in check with reality though. Crazy people and simple people do dumb shit believing they have the answer to a problem that isn’t theirs to solve. Keep your shit in check. If your solution is violence, you don’t know what the fuck you are doing, go home and give the problem real thought and talk to a professional therapist; find peaceful, healing, and loving solutions.)

Alright, I am out.

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