Your Mom Created Cancel Culture

No One Is A Victim

Cancel culture. At first, I thought what an oxymoron; cancel- to end, culture- to make. Canceling something or someone isn’t making, I thought, it is to stop making. But I gave it real thought. Cancel culture is a part of human life. We put an end to the making of things that we believe to be harmful to the current culture. It has happened, it will always happen, and it will not end because the people who cry about it practice it just as much as they bitch about it.

My intention is not to argue about it but think about it. It is to give my mind a place to play in this muddy mess we call being human together.

Canceling people isn’t the end of the world. It is the end of their influence and that form of making a living for some people.

Living in reality, shitty people populate our planet and think that they can be mean and hateful towards others and have gotten away with it. Currently, cancel culture is an attack against it. People are being called out for being racist, discriminatory against LGBTQ people, and sexist or sexual predators- these things are harmful to others. People who live and act this way should not have a platform to spread hateful shit. It is simple for me to say yes, cancel shitty people. Let’s let good people move up and reward people for being good.

For the sake of simplicity, I am going to have to divide us, humanity, into two distinct categories of people in culture. The first category will be conservatives and the obvious second liberals. This matters because it comes down to why a famous person gets canceled.

Most people don’t get canceled for being an asshole.

I am a liberal… I know, weird.

I have a healthy disdain for conservatives.

(I didn’t always)

Why you might ask? Hypocrisy and the ongoing oppression of others- either in other’s thinking or ability to live. I would like to think I am about to digress but the truth is they are the founders of Cancel Culture.

When conservatives have power Cancel Culture results in punishment and death- not just a famous person losing their job. But anyone who holds a different view is generally imprisoned; history shows this across cultures.

Dangerous Ideas in the Christian faith had the Catholic church and protestants at literal war. Communists would lock up and torture Christians, homosexuals, and other nonconformists to get them to recant their ways. Hollywood blacklisted movie stars with communist leanings, book publishers too. Conservatives with power do what they can to keep it. They use it to serve themselves and their way of life at the expense of others. They hoard this world’s goods and destroy individuality so that it might not rise up and take their place. A conservative culture is a cancel culture by its very nature. Nothing can change and must remain as it was. This is a very dead way of living and misses the reality that life is always in a state of change. Conservatives would come against anyone proposing something different. They would simplify, demonize, and lie about the other and use fear as their grounds of attack. When something clashes with their ideals instead of being accepting, they attack.

My mom didn’t create a cancel culture. My mom was an alcoholic, who naively tried to get Mormon missionaries to watch Orgazmo. But I am sure your mom told you not to hang out with the bad kids. To avoid the kid who swears. I am sure she didn’t let you watch rated R movies and did her best to raise you to be a nice kid. My mom bought us those fake candy cigarettes that blew out a white powder. So cancel culture was something that actually happened to me. I was the “Bad kid” I drew monsters, blood, guts, and superheroes; the reason I know I was canceled, my wife’s aunt told her to stay away from me because I drew things with blood. Something like that. But that is the misunderstanding of conservatism. They don’t take the time to get to know others, they take the shell of a person and deem them unworthy. They look at how someone else makes them uncomfortable and deem them bad or not worth getting to know. I hope you see cancel culture in its most traditional form excludes people who are different. The small-scale cancel culture plays out on what has happened daily in the lives of poor people who try to make their lives better. It happened because of where their from, what kind of work experience they had, and the limited connection to people who can actually elevate their lives.

But today the tables have slightly turned. People who spout hateful rhetoric are losing their jobs because employers do not find hate to be a draw for their business. You see regular people have a voice and it is now called cancel culture. It hits every level of society and people who are mean and hateful are getting the brunt of it. It’s nice.

Overcoming Cancel Culture

For famous people, they overcome cancel culture by building a following. Wow, that statement was obvious and the hard truth. If you truly build a fan base of people who love and support your work no one can cancel you. You can be a controversial piece of shit and if you have supporters you are a business.

“Those who mind don’t matter and those who don’t mind matter,” some shit like that.

Really like a former skinhead you have to apologize and explain and hope people won’t judge you like you did to others.  Really though if you are a loving person and genuinely do things to love others, you don’t have anything to worry about. But you might have made mistakes in the past that hurt others- I hope you and I can do better than we had in the past.


I laugh at jokes that are politically incorrect, I poke fun at things and people in a light-hearted way, I do my best to be the most authentic version of myself. I don’t pretend to be someone in front of others. I would stand before you naked but I live in Utah and that kind of thing isn’t okay.

Later Gator,


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