Idiot, I am not surprised, Don’t F’ this up, and other Sh*t we shouldn’t say to ourselves.

So, Tuesday is going to be write and publish night for me here on the blog. It seemed like a good day, a Taco Tuesday, a good vibes kind of day- a day to write something positive and to put out there in the world.

Alright. I want you to take this like I am your hundred year old granny. It is a take it or leave it kind of thing. But the main reason is if you are depressed, suicidal, or are having trouble finding meaning in your life, please seek professional help. Really your life is worth it and you have value. 

We have a choice about how we speak to ourselves. I am sure I have talked about this before, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is right now. Right now there are people who are putting their own lives in danger with shitty self-talk. They get so down on themselves they get to the point of not only self-harm but they include suicidal thoughts. They get so bad that they expect and in some cases will themselves to fail.


Read this carefully:

Your words determine your thoughts. You are not subject to your thoughts, you have power over them. You can literally talk to yourself and if that doesn’t work read words that will lift you up. Your brain will believe what you feel then think to be true and do what it can to make it true of you.

I know it sounds like bullshit. But it is a truism that I have yet to see really contradicted. But it is not like I am looking. I will give you my own anecdotal story. I missed a lot of school growing up. I missed school for no reason. I missed school so much that in elementary the teacher said something about the assignment and all I can remember is she pointed me out and the words and feeling hit me, waste of time. I don’t live in that memory or identify with that anymore which is why it is hard for me to recall now, but when I was younger and all throughout high school, I felt dumb, I felt I was a waste of time, and I put no effort into life or pursuing one. I lived with her words, as misunderstood as they might have been. I let her words, other’s words, and my own words beat me up every day of my life. You want to know what happened? Nothing good. No matter how many good things happen. I was unlucky. I thought I was so unlucky I tattooed Bad Luck on my chest. True story. It took years and it still takes daily affirmations to change that kind of thinking. But here I am generally happy, grateful, content and still striving for better. We all have bullshit we have gone through in life, the we don’t need to add to it ourselves.

I don’t need to make you a list of what to say to yourself and what not to say. What you need to do is gauge your own thinking and if a thought isn’t what you want it to be, if it doesn’t empower you, if it doesn’t make you more loving, if it brings hate, dispare, or envy- kick that shit to the curb and let it rot by itself. Replace it with a good memory, replace it with a hopeful feeling, replace it with a thought that counters it. Hell, lie to yourself about how good you are until you feel it.  Do not live in a dark mental place. There is always more to see in the light.

With that I am going to call it a night and get to work on my little fiction book.

Later Gator,



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