Others, You, and The Best Thing You Can Do

There is no point in comparing yourself to someone else. We are all so different that comparison doesn’t make real sense if you want to be happy. Tom Cruiz and Brad Pit superstar actors, box office breakers, and completely different. Each has his own looks and strengths, but you put them together and you get Interview With a Vampire; POW! Each actor brings something different to a role and would make any part they would take their own.

That my friend is how you need to be in life. Do you!  We are all playing a part when we go to work, some of us when we get home, and again when we are with friends… Some of us need to stop acting. Really, stop acting and start being. You don’t act like a dad, you are a dad. YOu don’t act like a lady boss, you are a boss. Life has many different roles for us to fill, but if all we do is act and pretend to be someone we are not; we miss out on getting the unique opportunity to be ourselves. The roles life has to offer us, if natural to us, we will fill with ease. The work might be hard but we are not forcing ourselves to be someone we are not to do it. Here is the thing many people are stuck in jobs they hate not because the job sucks, it is because they will always suck at the job. They aren’t working their strengths, they are running when they are swimmers. They are an unnatural fit and/or do not know how to change what they do to fit them or get out of the situation altogether.

We live in quite a wealthy time. We live in a time of choice. We live in a time when we can try to overcome the necessity of unfitting work as the only option to live. I do not think we will all get there, some settle, but I do think we can all try. That effort doesn’t have to do with anyone else. Someone else’s success shouldn’t be a deterioration of your motivation, it should be an inspiration. Say to yourself “If they can do it so can I.” or “They did it, it is possible, I can do it too.” Competition is fun in a game setting, in life we die at the end, why not try to enjoy your life and make the world a little better too.

Once again- there is no point in comparing yourself. You are you and I suppose that is the best thing you can be.

Later Gator,


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