Sounds True

There are a lot of things in life that sound true. Someone says it and without thinking we believe them. There are those who say something with such conviction and logic we think it must be true. Truth isn’t tricky. Truth is a straight forward careless bastard.

Here’s the thing we build our understanding of the world and how it functions based on what we individually think is true. If we share that understanding of how the world works with others we all act in accordance with that “truth.” Think about religion (all religion) to function all who participate have to adhere to and believe certain “truths” about life, God, and purpose. When people leave a religious belief behind they say they were lied to. The reason for that is they thought they were being told the truth.

Putting religion aside, we can see how someone has their “truth” about money, art, relationships, and us. We can see how someone else might believe the wrong thing about us based on someone else telling them their opinion. We can see that money and effort are not always equal, we can see that art’s value depends on human perception, we can see that not all relationships are healthy, good, or worth being in. We can also see how someone might have called us dumb and we believed them to our own detriment.

People are less skeptical when something sounds true. They will believe something just because it sounds right, they don’t investigate it. The problem with not making sure something is true is you can build your life around a false notion. Based on one false premise you could make bad decisions and destroy a relationship, or your reputation.

Here are two questions I think will help get us beyond believing false truths:

The first is, why does this sound true to me?

The second, what is the opposing view, and is it valid?

There is a simple reason this is on my mind and I am sharing it with you. Mental frameworks are how we all get by in life. We see life in a certain way and we take action accordingly. If you believe money is evil you might always be working to get some and feel dirty when you have it. You might think outsmarting someone is wrong and never get ahead. You might think that you are not good enough for a job and always miss out on opportunities that would help you thrive. You might believe you are better at something than you are and wind up looking like an asshole. Anyway- we can all choose how we see the world. For some of us, we might have to convince ourselves, but we can. We can decide to see the world as a game, a story, a challenge, or a nice long bus ride to the grave. Like a bible study class, we can build our framework of understanding and overtime think in a certain way. I am a believer in self-manipulation for the enhancement of one’s life and personal experience; in a good way. So, if something sounds true, like “I enjoy good luck.” accept it.

Something sounding true and being true aren’t the same but your brain doesn’t know any better. So, build a mental framework that puts you in the most positive and creative way of thinking possible. If something good sounds true, you can choose to believe it.

Later Gator,


Oh, there are people who will say something that sounds true and frightening to manipulate you. Fear in my opinion is the root of all evil and leads to hate, suffering, and the deterioration of society. Be cautious when people use fear-based logic about others, most of the time they have an agenda.

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