You can change

We change in multiple ways. We are human, we are at our best when we positively adapt.

It is hard to understand for some people that change is good and fundamental to growth. Those who are traditionalists are a handicap to those of us who are creative. They falsely believe the world is a stagnate place. They understand the complexities of the human mind based on religion, philosophy, or a generic understanding of human nature based on what they were told. They will tell you it is wrong to change in a way that suits who you truly are. They would have you sit quietly and listen to their accumulated understanding of the world as if it were true. They would rather hide in a book than face the facts that life isn’t what they teach or believe. I know how it is I was that way once myself.

But what change was me.

My experiences, the people I met, the books I read, the unique and individual thoughts I had culminated to change me.

I am better for it.

I am free because of it.

I do not have to conform to another’s view of the world.

When we accept what others believe about the world we are at their mercy. When we do the hard work and think for ourselves we are empowered. Today a whole lot of people are living in fear of a false threat. They are afraid of the future, truth, and loss of control. Change is like jumping out of an airplane, you can jump to your death or parachute down. You can smack against what is and hurt your psyche into a rejection of truth or you can open your umbrella and glide your way to a solid understanding of how you think life works.

Anyway, hopefully, you have a great week.

Later Gator,


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