A Day That Changes Your Life

You can pursue a life you want to live. You can pursue a day- a perfect day. You can pursue a dream and take actions to make it a reality. You can do more than you are capable of today.


Being flexible isn’t the hardest thing for us to do if we do not care about how we get to our stated goals. But if we lay out a plan and have a strategy we tend to focus on the how over the what. We think about how a plan has to come together so we can accomplish the what. Our focus motives from what we want to how we want it. We believe that we have control over the steps it will take to get to our dream. Most of the time it remains that a dream.

But let’s imagine that “the universe” has something different in store for us on our journey. That the fastest way to our dream day is a long way around. Let’s imagine we are not the person we need to be to possess such a day. And because the simple fact is we are not the person yet; we need to take the long road of personal change through situations and actions. You see if we were the person the day would have just come out of the nature of who we are. So, “the universe” prepares us for the day as long as we are in pursuit of the day. If we shift our focus from the day to the way, we shift our focus from becoming the person who will have the day. We become a person who wants to get things done, we changed the journey. We will not become the person who can enjoy such a dream day because it would be just another day in pursuit of a day that will never exist. A day we efficiently live.

There are many books and people who will tell you to write about your dream day and then do what you can to live that day. I want you to imagine what it would be like to enjoy today as you pursue that dream day ahead.

Living for an event is no way to live. So, act like the only thing changing is your capacity to relax and enjoy your short time on the earth. Do things that will make you into the person who gets to enjoy your dream day. Act as if the dream day is an inevitable part of your journey.

If you dream of painting- paint today.

If you dream of writing- write today.

If you dream of dancing- dance today.

If you dream of lounging and reading- by all means lounge and read today.

If you dream of being wealthy- count your blessing and become responsible for more than you are now.

If you dream of adventure- then take a leap of faith.

Life is a journey, we all come to an end. We all die. Not all of us live.

Later Gator,


P.S. The journey we take is always going to shape who we become. Our attitudes and ambition will shape the person we are becoming. Choosing to live for a day isn’t worth a lifetime. Choosing to live every day is worth the hassle.

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