Choosing to Be Positive

Being a positive person takes upfront work. It will take dedication and resolve to be positive until it becomes a part of your nature. It is a commitment to rewire your own brain to think in a particular way. The work is worth it.

Life, the world, people can all be enjoyed if you live through a positive lens. It is easy to see the negative and the downside, it is easy to think things are shitty, it is easy to think that nothing works out and the nice guy loses in the end. It is easy until you see that being a self-declared pessimist or asshole doesn’t make you cool or invulnerable to bad situations or bad people, it just makes you an asshole. I’ve met pessimists and they have little value to give. They do not try to make the most of a moment but make the moment even worse. There is no point in connecting to the easiest part of ourselves, the part that wants to avoid danger. Which means there is no point in connecting with them. You don’t want to be someone people would rather avoid, do you?

Being positive doesn’t mean we do not see the obstacles in life. It means we meet the negative life situation with thoughts and actions that overcome them. It means we might get beat up a few days a year but we do not get the shit kicked out of us every day by others and ourselves. Being positive is being creative and choosing to see the problems in life as challenges, not conclusions. A commitment to being a positive person is a commitment to being the best version of yourself. It is choosing to enjoy the life you have and to do something more than just survive. It is choosing to take what you are given and to make it better.

No matter how the world looks you have a choice on how you see it. I hope you try to see it today as a fun adventure or a return to yesterday but with the chance to make it better.

Later Gator,


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