Think About Your Life

It is hard to be interested in our own lives when we do not think much of what we do. But the simple truth is we have lives and the more interest we take in them the more precious it will become to us. Each life is only lived for an infinite amount of time. Each person gets twenty-four hours and if they care for their health sleep eight. Our lives are best pursued in the hunt. When we set personal goals that bring out the best of us, that pushes us to move the mark a little higher, to engage others in confidence that we know what we want and we are fearless in how we are going to get it. This isn’t about rise and grind, this is about rise and live.

Think about your life and find a metaphor that compels you to live today. Be a hunter stalking his prey, be a general preparing for battle, be the artist who is adding a new layer of paint, be the man in the ring ready for another round, but do not be bored with your life. There is delight in the darkness to be had, there is dancing in the rain, there is another sunny day ahead. My friend today is the day you can change anything you want as long as you keep moving and have patience.  Do not give in to negativity and do not commiserate with those that do they will bring you down on a sunny day, they will shot you in the foot after you won the race, they will tell you you could have done better after you gave it your all, they will see your accomplishment as small when they have none at all. Think about your life as a garden that produces food, these people are weeds and must be removed.

Later Gator,


Published by Nino

🏴‍☠️ Embrace your crazy. We live only one life... It is a shame most people waste it on surviving the day.

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