The Trap and the Dojo

The trap.

There is a trap we get in and we think that the walls of the trap are real. Think about the trap like a glass cage in the zoo. everything simulates outside conditions but there is no choice or variation. The trap is built in one way, safety is survival. The brink, the edge of not having enough is always a week away. It is a desperate situation and the solution is remaining in the cage.  Safety is following the routine. Safety is doing what you had always done so that you can do it again tomorrow.

The dojo.

It stops being a trap- when it becomes a practice. When you are striving daily to get better. When you are honing your skills, thoughts, and focus to become the best. The trap becomes a way of mastery. You do the same things day in and out getting better over time. Muscule reflex and instincts are honed. You become a master when you lived a life of practice. The thought of extravagance or adventure is counterproductive. The way of the master is in simplicity, it is a focused life. The trap of the zoo becomes life in the dojo.

We are not as trapped as we would like to think we are or are we as limited. If we are patient we can achieve many enjoyable disciplines over time. We might change our zoo lifestyle and begin to practice take on an internal journey until we can no longer sit still but must move out into the world. We are very capable of changing our minds and becoming the very best versions of ourselves, even if it takes practice.

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