A Saturday Ramble About Reality

The world that we live in is full of different realities. I know there is one reality and in some sense we all experience it. But in truth the one reality we all experience is subjective to the user’s experience. One person likes to eat spicy food the other sweet. This one aspect changes their choice of what they consume, what pulls them to go to certain eateries and determines what kind of people they will come in contact with. On a deeper level, when a person is paranoid and thinks someone is out to get them they act different, they do things in fear, they are not looking for pleasure but a relief an escape from their imaginary pursuers. There are a lot of people today who have been sucked into a conspiracy rabbit hole. The Trumpers… The Trumpers believe some crazy shit. They believe it like it is the absolute truth. They believe it and are consumed by fear and hate for people whom they think are their enemies. They put their feelings and misinformation propaganda ahead of actual facts. I know sweet people who believe the most horrible things about others without ever really trying to find out if it is true. I have watched their sweet disposition change over time into hate-baiting fear spreading conspiracy theorists. Their reality changed from one of loving everyone to THOSE on the left are evil.

What does this matter to you? What matters is who you become by what you choose to subject yourself too. If you choose to go down a rabbit hole of conspiracy and it shifts your view of humans and others to one of hate- you can step away from that. You do not have to believe everything you read. You can refocus and find life affirming things- helpful things- positive things to put your mind on. You can ensure the reality you see isn’t one of fear, hate, or distrust.

Most religions simplify humanity and believe that we are all the same and can be treated like we are. They don’t give room for human wiring. They don’t give room for people to be different. They have two categories good and evil. They put people who are different in the evil category- LGBTQ people, without understanding this is how they are wired. This is how reality is for them. Instead they condemn and attack and accuse these people who want to pursue a life of happiness as trying to take away their way of life. They demonize the other until any understanding or compassion for them is a betrayal of their own way. Religions differ and put each other in the category of evil.

Human reality is a complex organism of social structures that enable the individual to survive. No matter our realities we can find ways to live together, to serve each other, and to live in peace. But we cannot do that if one side or one group doesn’t think the other deserves to live. With that I hope you my dear reader are a person of peace. I hope that you choose to feed your mind good things. I hope that you pursue a dream and life that enriches the lives of others as well as yourself. I hope you create art, businesses, and families that bring joy to the world. I hope that we can be a song in the darkness to those who sit in darkness that there is brighter days. I hope.

Later Gator,


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