What Life is About

There is a story of good verse evil that plays in our heads. We are generally on the side of good unless we are a psychopath. Our perceived good isn’t always true. Our perceived good might actually be damaging to others. What is good for us or what we think is good for us might be damaging to people we love.

For instance, alcoholics. Their escapism leads to bad choices and deteriorated health. Instead of building natural confidence and readiness to face the world, they become dependent on numbing themselves and increase their inability to face what is happening, and their weakness in light of it. This choice hurts the people they love and their ability to be more than a drinking problem.

In society, we have racists who believe they are helping themselves and “their kind” but the truth is their belief is built on hate. It is built on being better than someone else because of a surface covering. It has no merit. It misses the point of being human and alive. It takes a person who believes it makes their life about something that was always out of their control and has no value beyond trying to fit in.

If there was one thing I wish I could remove it would be the stigma of poverty. It would be the equalization of those who do not make as much money as others; for whatever reason. I understand we live in a capitalist culture that is devoid of cherishing spiritual things. We live in a culture that puts being productive over being human. We live in a culture that doesn’t understand that Judas sold Jesus out and then killed himself. He thought this life and money, was all there was. In the end, he learned his life, his spiritual life was worth more and worthless without it. There is more to live for than getting money.

Life isn’t about us vs them. It isn’t survival of the fittest. It isn’t trying to be the richest man in the cemetery. It is about being. It is about expressing through that being. It is about loving others. It is about loving the moment- laughing- enjoying the day. It is about doing good that is good for all.

Life is more than good vs evil. Life is a dance of black, white, and a rainbow of understanding. Life is about love.

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