The Choices We Make and How We See Them

We have choices, limited choices, but choices. These simple everyday choices determine our reality, they determine our next options and influence our choices. Life is like a chessboard except it’s not. Chess is like our ability to see in time. Chess is a game where we try to defeat an opponent within a limited parameter and rules of conduct. In life we don’t need to have enemies, we can build cooperative forces, we can change what we do, we can do more than one thing at a time. We do not need to do one thing at a time and hope it was the right move. We have choices.

We can see life like a garden, dig it. We can plant the seeds of good practical deeds throughout our day, we can budget, save, spend, invest, and give. We can see it like a race trying to get one thing done before we die. We can see it like a warzone full of enemy combatants and survival as the only prize. The choices we make about life are based on our views about it. We limit choices by the views we carry.

Let’s be real. Some of us are limited in intelligence, creativity, imagination, physical ability, emotionally, and in cognitive-vision. Even with very real limitations, if we can see the world as an abundant, benevolent place, it will enhance our own outlook on what is possible. It will open us up to choices and giving life a try. It will not gridlock us into life options we do not want. The simplest thing to believe is the only person stopping you from trying to live a life you want is you. Once you decide to get out of your own way and try, even if you fail and try a thousand times, you will have influenced your choices to live a life of your choosing, within your abilities and desires. Life is not like chess. Life is life- awareness, in space and time, with desires and manifest destinies limited by our vision.

Later Gator.



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