Roadblocks That Save You

The roadblocks that come from within are the worst. They work contrary to your stated purposes. They come for many reasons but the main reason for most people, including me, is our stated purpose is contrary to our true desires. This conflict puts an end to the work. The reason it does is simple, creativity, imagination, the ability to see something not there and get excited about it no longer exists. The journey is more of the reward, it is where we are forged tested, applied, adapted, and where all the growth comes in. If we do not truly desire to make the trip, we just dream of the destination, then what we truly want is a vacation.

That is where the roadblock is. That is what is keeping most of us living in a dream vs a reality we truly want. That is what I struggle with no matter how many times I think I learned it as a life and creative lesson. Be true to yourself, to your cause, to your creative flavor. It doesn’t have to look or be like anyone else’s but it does have to be yours. Your voice, your life, your journey is going to have internal roadblocks, saving you from dangerous roads that lead to dead-ends where you lose yourself trying to be something you are not- a copy.

Later Gator,


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