Test It

We read books, we spend time listening to lectures, we even go through courses, but most of us don’t test it. We do not put into action the thing we spent time learning about.

We need to test what we have learned. The only way to do it is to intentionally put it into practice. The reason we do not do that is it breaks the boundaries of our comfort zone. It puts us outside of the realm of control and knowledge of what will happen next. This is a fear-based reaction.

It is in these moments we hold back.


It is easy to hold back and wait.

It is easy to think another opportunity will come.

It is easy to see if someone has gone before you.

It is easy to read more about the thing you want to do than do it.


If you have an idea, test it. If you read a book and it has given you ideas, test them. If you have a dream and you have no idea how to do it, test every action you can to achieve it. If you hold back, you may never know what kind of love and joy may enter your life. Don’t be afraid to test the waters.


Later Gator,


Published by Nino

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