Hope is not a goal but without it you wont try.

I could not set a goal to be a six-foot eight-inch professional basketball player. The first barrier is physical. I cannot command myself to grow. Bummer, I know, but it is what it is. The second part, a cold chance in hell I could even come close. But someone may be skilled enough at my height to do it, but I doubt it. But then again they could start their own league and change the rules to eliminated anyone over five-ten from playing. That is a whole lot of fantasy work. That is what a lot of us do when it comes to setting realistic goals.  We do a mental workaround until we see a way of achieving them and never actually get going.

Let’s not do that this upcoming year.

There are countless books and blogs out there to tell you how to set your goals. I am not going to do that here. What I want you to do is think about your goal. Is your goal a completed project? Is your goal a habit? Is your goal actually your goal? Is your goal compatible with the rest of your goals and desires?

The main thing to consider, is your goal a habit?

If you want to read more books, you will have to create time to read daily. You will have to figure out how to make it part of your normal routine. For instance, if you read a chapter a night before going to bed it will become a natural habit. It will be something you do. But if you have an arbitrary page count that you will make yourself read, it isn’t going to be a habit. Each book will be a goal and you will be able to stop doing it. If you want to read a book a week that is a fine goal. If you want to make it a habit to read more then you have to naturally incorporate it into your life.

Getting rich.

“Money is not a goal it is a result.” -Unknown

Service is what we will all pay for. It is the reality that we must live within. So when it comes to money, it comes down to service. The dynamics of serving others as a way of life is an interesting rabbit hole I will not be going down. But I do want you to think about the reality that everything is done in service to others or ourselves. Now you could get rich winning the lottery, but then you would spend all of your money paying others to serve you. The more people you serve the better you can get paid. Setting your goals in finance around serving others is the ubiquitous way to do meaningful work that supports your life.

Hold The Dream Inside

To end- Some people can tell others their goals and dreams and still pursue them. Then there are the rest of us. If we tell someone our goals and dreams our brains feel like we actually accomplished them. We get the accolades for just setting ambitious dreams. That alone is enough to satiate the desire to achieve. So if we tell people our goals and dreams, we let the ghost out of it, and they fall dead. We need to let it burn like an old stove until the smoke of action fills the room.

Alright, I am out of here.

Later Gator,


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