The Goals that Challenge Us Make Us Better

When setting a goal ask yourself is this going to change you?

Really is there an internal story that you tell yourself that tells you the goal is too hard and the story you have is the  same as the little engine that could “I think I can.” Is that the story you need right now? Is the biggest challenge you face not outside of you but the belief within? Setting goals that challenge our accepted limited belief about what we can and cannot do is emotionally draining, but those are the goals we will personally see the most benefit from.

This life is full of external challenges. If we choose to embrace them, if we choose to see them as aids in our growth, then we will not be daunted by them. This year has been the most trying year the world has seen in a long time. Our hope cannot rest in others when we face life’s challenges, help will come, but it is up to us to rise; to endure; to pursue our goals.

Later  Gator


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