I write to videogame music

This past week I have been writing fiction. I like to have a drink when I write: coffee, wine, and if I am desperate water. There are things outside of writing that contribute to writing. For instance, getting enough sleep. Your brain takes calories, it needs rest, and it needs to be at ease in order to create. You cannot be stressing about bills and try to convince yourself writing fiction is a good use of your time. Unless you use it to escape reality, then maybe it works. I don’t write that way, it would be nice.

But to write I have habits that put my mind in a place to write. One of them is drinking; coffee mostly. At night I do drink wine, not enough to hinder my cognitive ability just something to sip on that won’t keep me up all night. But there is another sense I use, hearing. I listen to videogame music on Youtube. Some of them last three hours, which is nice I don’t have to do anything about it. The music not only blocks out the sound it also gives another dimension to what my imagination sees. I love it. It feels like I get to experience the story first hand.

We all need to create little triggers that help us get to work. The simple truth is most of us don’t just work on demand, we get our mind set for it. We have the power to create our own triggers and to manipulate ourselves to achieve the things we want; most of the time the things we want take a lot of small steps and patience. The music is a little hack for me. It lets me know it is time to work.

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