I don’t have time for this post, right now.

I really don’t have time to write this post. The words used here are stealing time and words that are scheduled for another writing project. Words that tell a story, a fantasy, an adventure in another world. These words will not count toward my word count goal. I am watching the clock. I have five minutes to write.

The small goals with lead indicators matter more on a project than lag indicators. For instance, my word count is 1330 words a day. It is a small and sustainable goal. But I don’t hope I am going to get that word count in, I work on it. Thanks to technology I know how many words I have written. If I were to blindly write and not know how many words I used then count it up at the end of the day or week I would have no idea how far from my goal I was.

Our five minutes are up. I have a story to write.

Later Gator.


OH, the point. Create your own small goals that you know will have an actual result on the outcome you want to have.

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