What Is and What Would Be

All that is is used to create what would be.

That above sentence is the whole post. But I am here so I will pontificate a little. An artist never has to start at the beginning. We never have to look at a blank canvas or a blank page. There is a table with fruit on it- paint. There is a book with a plot you like twist it, change it, add to it, subtract from it, place someone new in it, take from real life, and before you know it a story of your own will emerge. The pain of seeking to be original is had due to the truth that nothing is original anymore. It isn’t a thing to be grasped. Storylines exist, plots and thoughts have been done; paintings of dragons and knights do not get old. In art as in life, we take from what is and we make something new. If that new thing is expressive it has a better chance of making it than any copy would. Inspiration and inventiveness take what is and makes what would be; it brings to life the vision in your head.

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