Mind Your Business

Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks are creative machines. They are in the same business as Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and J.K. Rowling. They are in the same business as all the indie authors that self-publish on Amazon. They are all in the creative business of storytelling. This tradition of storytelling is human and passed down through generations, every tribe, culture, and major society has storytellers. The only thing that changes is the medium.

There are millions of voices, millions of authors, billions of readers, and one you. You have a choice, you can say the odds of success are limited; you can never make it in this big world. Or you can say the opportunity is damn near endless. With a world of billions of people and all your creative work needs is someone to share it with, then you have a chance. To do what it takes for you to succeed with such an opportunity at hand isn’t luck. It is the doing the work. It is mastering your craft. It is putting in the time, effort, money, and enduring rejection.

Make a plan on how you are going to do the work. If you need to paint every day do it. If you need to write one page a day do it. Most creative work is project-based work; it is doable. Plan your work, work your plan. Then you will need to have a plan or means of sharing the work. If you feel weird about selling your work think about it like this, gamblers enjoy a game more when they bet on it. They bought a ticket to the show. If you sell your book or other creative work think of it as a ticket to the show. But get a plan in place so you can work your plan. Then do it again. Don’t plan on being inspired to create something else. Make a list of things you want to create. Then you can create out of the abundance of things you enjoy. But it all really comes down to having a plan and mind your business. Nothing in this paragraph is dependant on anyone else but you. If people don’t buy a ticket, they don’t buy your painting, they don’t like your book, that is feedback; either you created a mediocre product, or it was the wrong audience.  Create, put-it-out-there, adapt, repeat.

12 fresh months are on the horizon. make a plan, set deadlines, and discipline yourself to get the work done. OH, yeah, keep it simple. You have a limited focus and finite energy. YOu might not be able to do everything well, but you can always do one thing remarkably well if you give it enough time and effort.

Later Gator.


This post is a giant note to self.

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