Without Vision The Artist Perish

There is a reason people give up on their creative work; they don’t see it. Their imagination has quit and they cannot see what to do. They thirst for inspiration and waste away crying about their inadequacies. They hunger for originality and gnaw on their own tongue. They heard the still small voice and told it to fuck of with its daring choice. They have no vision of what could be.

There is a reason people do not start any creative work: They do not die with their best work in them because they had banished it along with their truest desires. They looked at the journey and probability of failure and choose a different path. They have a vision of fear instead of greatness.

A vision of the work you will do is all you really need. If the vision excites you, if it attaches itself to you, and if you feel this is what living feels like; the vision will carry you through the hardships. The vision is food for the creative life. Without it unfortunately there is an emptiness and a why bother kind of malaise that takes over. So, get a vision. Don’t get a plan. Get a vision, one that will overwhelm you with the next ten steps you can’t wait to get to. How do you get such a thing? Hunt for it like you would hunt for a fucking unicorn. Find every exciting idea and then figure out why they excite you. You don’t have to get too detailed about it, just enough to know what kind of taste you have. Then create doctor Frankenstein, make your monster come to life.

That if you want it can be your creative process because there are no rules to this, only ambition.

Later Gator


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