Creative Consumer

The world is full of people who make things for a living and for a hobby. They create and ship, they put their effort and energy out into the world for others to consume. As creatives, we are also consumers. So I thought it would be fun to describe what kind of consumers we can be.

Creative Cannibal

This type of creative only consumes the media they create. They are obsessed with only what they do. They do not expand their horizon or try new things. They sit in their room focused on being so original that they do not know whether what they are trying to do has been done before. They live in their own little world and consume the works of their hand.

Creative Zombie

This guy here only likes one thing. That is it. The obsession limits what the creative is going to create. Every ounce of creative juice is poured into the one thing. It could be flowers, it could be pokemon, dungeons & dragons, star wars, or horses; it doesn’t matter because anything outside of that is a waste of their time.

Creative Conuisuer

These fellas are the ones that will tell you a band sucks even if they don’t. They cultivate their taste and do more excluding than including. I don’t know their standards because they have over-thought what they are consuming to a point that they have added to it with some abstract thought making what they consume more than what it was. They believe their consumption must stay classy.

Creative Farmer

This smart gal consumes what inspires her. She carefully plants seeds knowing that in time they will grow and feed her soul when she needs it. All of life to her is a creative garden looking to be cultivated.

Creative Hunter

When your hungry is when you hunt. This type waits until they are on the brink of death. They do not see art or creativity everywhere. They hunt for inspiration. They consume enough to keep alive and talk about how cool the last time they were inspired was. But they do not use that inspiration as a stepping stone to more. It is fuel for them it will get them through until the next hunt.

Creative Vampires

This is the last on the list because it came to me last. These people only steal what has already been done. They have no juice or life in them. They do not push their own boundaries but copy. That is all they do, they must suck the life out of someone else’s work to live. No matter how technically good they get their work is lifeless, so they copy that which has life.


This concludes the Creative Consumer post.

Author’s note: Even if you are a vampire, keep creating. We all consume, but we do not all push our limits and become better. As creatives, we must embrace our suck. Our work is allowed to suck until it doesn’t. We are allowed to make shit work and to keep work because it is what we want to do. We are allowed to be whatever type of consumer and creator we want to be. If we do it because it makes our life better we win. Creativity is the best part of being human.

Later Gator.


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