Love it or Leave it

Nobody makes you a golfer. People golf for hours a week some once or twice a week others once a month but they are out there. They pay to play. Then there are pros who are so good at the game they get paid to play, and people like to watch them play. Golf to me is like baseball, I don’t like watching it, I don’t play it, and if I were to play it I would only be interested in my turn, so it is like waiting in line; I hate waiting in line. Nobody is making me play golf. I am not a golfer.

Now, I am an artist and a writer- even though no one is paying me to do those things. I do them I think about them I read books on them, I enjoy what other people do in those fields. To some extent, I pay to watch other people play.

If you do not love the thing you are pursuing, maybe you should leave it.

Imagine surfing is your passion.

You do not regret the time spent on the waves, in the water, or around the people who enjoy it too. You embrace it as a part of your life.

When you set goals, this is how we should think about them, not I will be happy when this is over, but if I died on my way to achieving this the journey was fun for me even though there were obstacles and restarts. We all don’t make it to the top, some of us die on the side of the mountain doing what we love, and then there are those setup home at basecamp who don’t realize we all die in the end anyway.

Later Gator


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