Writing Isn’t Easy





Second-guessing the premise. Weak ass plot and characters you could give a shit-less about. Oh, yeah I totally forgot it is NaNoWriMo (the election has been on my mind) I haven’t done a challenge like that in a long time. I did write some shitty novels that will never see the screen again. I had to write twice a day to hit the word count. It was fun and challenging. I know a lot more about fiction writing and writing in general now. But the thing that has me in its grips is the blank page. Really. I can write a post like this but sitting down to go after a novel is a real challenge. I think my last go I hit about 5,000 words. I wasn’t feeling the story and I didn’t like it or the characters. So, I’m sitting here thinking about starting a new story and trying to develop a better writing method for me personally. A way to build the story and enjoy it at the same time. I have a lot of books about how others write, their tips and tricks and process.

I do have a process in my head that might work, but I’m here procrastinating because there is a bit of fear of starting again and then fizzing out before the end. Well, I guess I should get after it.

Later Gator.


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