A Battleground for The Mind Destroys Relationships

Memes, memes everywhere, and not a genuine thought insight.

The last four years have escalated and have destroyed relationships. The memes, the shit talk, the insults, and demonization of those who do not agree have done its damage.

What most people don’t know about branding, marketing, or advertising is that repetition is the key to dominance in a consumer’s mind about a brand. That is the reason Coke associates its name with a good time. They do it through continual exposure and in scenarios where the beverage adds to the pleasure. Now, Coke is a thoughtful brand and does its best to stay in that light of good vibes. Facebook on the other hand isn’t a brand but a platform for persons and brands to step up on and speak about whatever they feel like. Facebook’s business is about keeping your attention on the platform and they show you what you like. So if you liked art it will recommend groups and people to follow. The more the platform knows about you the more it can help its advertisers sell to you. Just like TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers they make their money from ads. They sell your attention and their proof of that ability is through the links you click. Advertisers are not the only ones who will profit from your attention, political groups and causes do too. People with an agenda also use Facebook and other social media sites to indoctrinate and spread their message to those who will believe it. And those people spread it because they believe it, not because they thought through what they are doing or why they believe it.

Repetition of sharing memes says this is what I believe true or not and I am going to share it, offensive or not. Most memes demonize the beliefs of the other side and mock them. Voicing our opinion about a subject and sharing our thoughts can bring real connection but pouring hate doesn’t. And this is our reality; people take their speaking points from talking heads because they don’t know how to think for themselves. They believe convincing arguments and treat them like they are true. They don’t know how to push the envelope of their understanding, instead, they cling to a fear and identity that they feel to be true. This understanding of what is happening gets shared with others through memes. When pushback comes the relationships that are hurt by it either get enough time to recover or get beat down until they are dead and not worth saving.

I have played my part in the battle, voicing my opinions and mocking the other side. In the end, the relationships that are lost had nothing to do with a personal conflict but on a moral and value-based battleground. What is right, what is honorable, what is just, and what is loving for me have little to do with me but has to do with WE. The big mean world needs people to look out for each other and a government that reflects We the People. That is my belief, and I know there are those that look at it from a Me perspective. My effort, my life, my money, my dreams, and what they forget is we build cities, we build roads, we enforce laws, we serve each other and we don’t all get the same start and we all don’t have the same opportunities and we don’t all have a healthy brain, upbringing, or body to achieve what we want. I have met too many hardworking people who have to settle because they will never be good enough for the standards of others. As much as I believe in people’s potential I am also realistic about their limitations, I have many of them. I believe in supporting the WE as a much better way of life. But I believe the better life is for everyone.  Those with ambition will always find their way to the top and those who want to enjoy the small fruits of their labor can and those without means do not have to die in the streets beggars but might find a helping hand through government assistance and resources. After all, we all benefit when we all strive and thrive for a better life.

I have rambled on enough here.

What we share about our thoughts and life on social media or in face to face interactions has long term repercussions. We should think more like Coke unless of course, you think a fight is worth a relationship. Most of the time we don’t win fights we blow each other up and all that is left is scapes and faded memories.

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