Election Day

An early drunken Facebook post:

It is hard to balance civility and democracy. In our modern age of communication we are all liable for our opinions and discourse. Hate and angry about justice and economics fuel debates and spur rivalry between family and friends. We have crept our way into dangerous territory through our own willful ignorance about how our political system works and who should lead it. As a society we have lost the intellectual capacity to understand what policy mean for a civil society; one that is free yet bound together. We have forgotten that United We Stand and everyone born on American soil is an American bonded each neighbor to neighbor against all powers that wish to divide us. Our ways in which we would govern differ and the pendulum of traditionalism and progressivism swing to give us a balance over time. But what is at stake with Trump is a personality over policy, Trump over logic, Tump over freedom of speech, Trump over the creed life, liberty, and justice for all. The die is cast and the people should be heard, Every Vote Counts. No matter what if you say the pledge of allegiance with me or not we are still countrymen and I believe in your rights and that they should be fought for.

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