An Artist On Fire is Not a Candle and A Treadmill is Not A Mountain

Fear can be the fire that keeps us at bay or the light to find our way. Life isn’t as simple as it seems. There are levels and choices that we make and each moves us closer or further from our desires. We either choose safety or should I say what seems to be the safest choice or risk to do what we have in our hearts and mind. To take the gamble to try and create something wasn’t. Most don’t even dare to dream of what doesn’t exist they are satisfied and consume what is seen. They spend their money on things and the artist- the artist spends her life on creation.

Life isn’t something we can store up. We cannot stockpile it and save it for later. Our life is measured subjectively by time and experience. The satisfaction derived from it is not a guarantee. If we have a “purpose” we may find it a struggle, ah, if we have a “Passion” we are guaranteed a struggle, and if we have a “reason” for life- for our life, well we may miss what it means to be alive altogether. Life, like art, is about experience. We like it because we have gone through something. Imagine hiking on a treadmill in a room with no windows and the inline is 70 degrees. Motivational quotes are plastered on the walls telling you it is about the journey. Imagine this room has pictures of mountains. Imagine locking yourself in this room every day and telling people you are going to climb a mountain. Imagine that as the journey most people take when they set out to do life without any risk.

To live we must let go of the conditions that keep us safe.

Not every journey or every life is a near-death experience. Most of it is laughing, falling, failing, and trying new shit. But there comes a time when we become obsessed with a mountain, a goal, something beyond what we can do- that shit becomes a calling and we must change, grow to match its intensity. But if an obsession hasn’t taken hold of you, enjoy the freedom to play. Take small risks. You don’t have to go fucking crazy. Make art that creates an experience in others. Your life is compressed into your head and only a small portion is will impact the journey you decide to take. Most mountain climbs inspire us to conquer or hike more mountains. Every day is a new day to make art, be an artist, and get creative with your life.

Published by Nino

🏴‍☠️ Embrace your crazy. We live only one life... It is a shame most people waste it on surviving the day.

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