“Get the Fuck out of here.” -common saying.

Life is full of things we like and do not like.

The world we live in has more variety in it than ever before. This makes it easier to have and do things that make you unique. For instance, if you like horror movies there’s plenty to choose from. The choice of entertainment goes on with all genres from music to restaurants.

You see the internet has created communities and groups of like-minded people- it’s like a virtual burning man. Each freer and freer with every platform built.

But there are still plenty of people who choose to conform. They pick an ideal and wholeheartedly crame themselves into it. They repress their nature, they dig out the things that make them more than just repeated sayings and phrases. They kill the childlike spirit in them that understands playing and enjoying life has nothing to do with stupid grown-up rules. When it comes to being and being alive they miss the mark. They miss that chaos is the dance of life and we all move to it or get shaken down by it.

Conformity is what kills a person who has the capacity to be creative. Creativity isn’t just in the arts, it is in everything that humans do. It is our ability to solve problems in new and better ways. It is our intelligence playing with a puzzle, it is the ability to see a new future that only exists in our minds and to go for it. It is a choice.

Be weird.

Weird in a good way. Weird in a way that is playful and leads to a better world. (There is the creepy weird and I do not suggest it.) Being weird and picking things you like, embracing things you like, will eventually make you more of who you are. There is nothing better than being free to be yourself.

Conformity is a prison and it has many prisoners. They all have the keys in their own hands.

“You’re under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago.”
― Alan Watts

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🏴‍☠️ Embrace your crazy. We live only one life... It is a shame most people waste it on surviving the day.

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